Outstanding hygiene

  • sterilization system unique in Hungary
  • machine made effective cleaning and sterilzation, with cross-infection avoidance
  • our dental chairs have internal water networks, using distilled water with an antibiofilm agent

Our clinic

Opened in 2009, our dental clinic is located in the heart of Budapest on the Pest side, near the Margit bridge. High-end and warm, the clinic is human-sized and perfectly English-speaking, which allows for a close, personalized and confident relationship with the patient.

Our dental clinic is composed of three dental units, and equipped with the most modern technologies, to provide our patients with complete, effective and high quality dental care under the supervision of Dr. Faluhelyi.

Welcome to our clinic!

During your first visit, we will do a free evaluation of the needed care, which will allow us to develop your personalized treatment plan and establish your quotation.

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